ARCHICAD 19 reads point-clouds, providing faster, error-free building surveys by using the latest 3D scanner laser-survey technology.

Refurbishment projects typically start with a time-consuming building-survey phase that may involve manual measurements and the creation of a digital building model. But now 3D scanners – representing the latest technology innovations – can generate “point-clouds” containing all the necessary geometry information of an interior, including its volutes and ornaments.

ARCHICAD 19 can read the most commonly used point-cloud file formats and create the corresponding 3D geometry instantly. So you can align your design with automatically-generated, 100% accurate point-cloud 3D geometry information.


This surveying workflow dramatically reduces the time spent on surveying. And it eliminates errors due to manual data input. Some typical real-life examples of how users put 3D laser survey and point- clouds to work:

  • Modeling existing buildings before renovation.
  • Modeling the surroundings prior to creating a new building.
  • Modeling the “as-built” structure to detect deviations from plan.

01 – Point Cloud – Introduction to Point Clouds

02 – Point Cloud – Importing Point Cloud Data

03 – Point Cloud – Mapping for XYZ and RGB Values for Point Cloud Files

04 – Point Cloud – Point Cloud XYZ and RGB Value Mapping Examples

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