ArchiCAD BIM 2018 Competition successfully

The ARCHICAD BIM COMPETITION 2018 successfully at the University of Architecture HCMC on 22nd June 2018 with Architectural topic is URBAN FROM OF POROSITY and approach and passiver design concept.

The competition by Graphisoft and University of Architecture HCMC, Van Lang University, HCMC University Of Technology, Tokyo Tech University coordinating with Green Dragon Solution organization.

The competition takes place successfully with the sponsor of the companys: Studio NAO, CBS, ACT Engineering Kajima, Global BIM, Niken…

Incompetition coming from Graphisoft have Mr. Bences Kovac – Vice President of Graphisoft and Mr. Baki Gyorgy- from Graphisoft Asia

The competition has attracted the interest of the students of architecture, building and engineering building. In the competition, the students must complete the design of theme from the organizers put out by software ArchiCAD BIM and the technology by the company Graphisoft development. The competition this year eager to take a new look into the solutions blend tropical design and traditional design, to get the proposed smart about handling the space light and shadows consistent with requirements of passive design.

The competition started on 5 March from the year 2018, after 3 months of competition finalists ARCHICAD BIM consisted of 10 teams. Before entering the final round, the teams have to go through two qualifying is to propose the idea and designed using BIM technology-Graphisoft and Murata Iaboratory.

In the final round, the Group presented the test in English and used PowerPoint, BIMx engineering company supported by Graphisoft.

En the competition, congratulation to team P2D from the University of Architecture HCM have won the Grand Prize of this year, second place belongs to the team won the N.C.P, next is HHD.

P2D teams

Teams HHD

Teams C.P.N

In addition, the organizers also awarded the extra Award for teams such as: Den Da, HHD, NAB, P2D.

The competition to create opportunities help the student learn, reach the top of the new architecture technology on the basis of shared experience from the company, the leading consulting group as the Graphisoft BIM, Global, Kajima Vietnam as well as the main sponsor for the competition. At the same time this is the opportunity for the students insisted the talent, tenacity and the opportunity to work at the company.

On behalf of the airline Graphisoft and the sponsor, GreenDS pleased to thank our customers, the students have won time to participate and share knowledge, valuable experience.

GreenDS hope to continue to receive the support and contribution of everyone to develop BIM community in General and Vietnam in particular, ARCHICAD.

Some photos at the competition:

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