Mr.Kazumi Yajima from Kajima Corporation, one of the biggest contractors operating worldwide, with over 9000 employees.

Mr. Kazumi showed a live example of an Open BIM process, where they use ARCHICAD as a project compiler, gathering all the project info coming from not only one or two softwares, but from more than 20 different.

They pointed out a key aspect of this open BIM process: it’s not only about Revit and Archicad, Open BIM is a call for the freedom to use the best tool for the job and to be able to put together the pieces in a holistic and comprehensive process.

It was impressive also the use of GDL custom objects and APIs that they designed for construction planning.

Now it might not sound so impressive, but they were visionaries when in 1996 they started to use ARCHICAD and BIM for their business. They showed how in 3 years of implementation went to double the effort in the first year of implementation to save the 60% of the cost producing documentation in only 3 years! Bravo Kajima!


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