Tháng: May 2016

Smart Guides

01 – Smart Guides – Definitions of New Guide Line- and Snapping Related Terms 02 – Smart Guides – Explicit Marking of Snap References 03 – Smart Guides – Timing Delay During Marking of Snap References 04 – Smart Guides – Unmarking Element Nodes and Edges as Snap References

Surface Painter

Use the new Surface Painter palette to change element surfaces (either model elements or GDL objects) in the 3D window. With Surface Painter, creative design is instantaneous, and makes for impressive presentations.  01 – Surface Painter – Introducing the New Surface Painter Tool 02 – Surface Painter – Using the Surface Painter Palette 03 – Surface Painter – Working with the […] Xem thêm

Point Clouds

ARCHICAD 19 reads point-clouds, providing faster, error-free building surveys by using the latest 3D scanner laser-survey technology. Refurbishment projects typically start with a time-consuming building-survey phase that may involve manual measurements and the creation of a digital building model. But now 3D scanners – representing the latest technology innovations – can generate “point-clouds” containing all […] Xem thêm


01 – Multiple Labels for Elements 02 – Label Settings Dialog Changes 03 – Label Associativity to Labeled Elements

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